Slings & hoists

Slings and hoists are an ideal choice in your home or at hospitals, care and nursing homes.

For our supplies and installations we utilise the Invacare and Prism hoist systems, highly trusted manufacturers of quality products that can be installed quickly, simply and at a minimal cost.

We also offer superb portable hoists, creating even greater opportunities for economically priced and comprehensive solutions.

Our range of sling and hoist installations includes;

Overhead track hoist

 The Invacare and Prism Overhead Hoist systems enable transfer of a person in the home to and from a bed, bath, chair or WC. The extensive range of track curves, easy to operate turntable, new H-system and X-Y system give ultimate freedom and endless design adaptability. Private hoist installations work perfectly hand in hand with our detailed assessments to create an ideal set up that fulfils all your needs.

Transportable hoists

Enabling enhanced mobility without an entire network of tracks, the transportable hoist exceeds the world’s toughest safety and comfort standards and is an incredible product within the home or health and care homes.

Portable hoists

A new design that can cope with loads up to 34 stone, it provides comfortable lifting on rechargeable battery power and pairs up with fixed or mobile gantry systems.


Slings are all about comfort and ease of application, so we offer completely bespoke options as well as a range of standard options. All slings are extensively strength tested, machine washable at high temperatures and utilise Dartex foam which is washable and protected from fungi and bacteria.

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