Domestic lifts

Our domestic lift installations offer wheelchair users and the senior or disabled fast, safe and secure access to second stories or simply up an interior step.

Domestic through floor lifts create many possibilities over multiple levels, accessing second or sub stories in a property or simply helping users up a small flight of stairs. Although called domestic these systems are equally useful in environments such as nursing homes and the general care sector.

Through Floor lifts

The Through Floor lifts have been designed with the objective of maximising the space available to you in a property through access. When you are downstairs, the lift can be moved quietly and discreetly back upstairs, leaving you the full use of your usual living space whilst also making the second story quickly accessible.

Features include a unique auto homing fire response system, minimal living space intrusion, an alarm telephone or call station, adaptive controls and grab handles and a variety of seating options.


Easy to install in almost any home, stairlifts provide a highly secure way to get up steps with minimal adaptations or space sacrifice in your home. Through a detailed assessment we will help you find the perfect model and set up for your needs.

Entered and exited via a secure swivelling seat on level flooring our stair lifts are also highly adaptive. We offer comfortable padded seats, back arm and feet rests and seat belts with everything fitted in a bespoke way to offer each individual the most comfort and security; we can even substitute a seat for a stand and lean option if preferable, or install specially compacted designs that leave space on the staircase for other users; ideal in a busy care home environment.

Don’t lose the use of half your home or care home; our domestic lifts are adaptive and usable for a wide range of disabilities offering secure and even independent access to every part of a property. Our extensively equipped assessment centre and highly skilled team can help you discover the perfect system for your needs and work out the best way to get it in place at your property.

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