Wheelchair lifts

Wheelchair platforms offer much improved safety and independence for individuals and an ideal solution of commercial environments such as nursing homes.

Installation of a platform is an elegant answer to providing multi floor access to anybody; removing the need to transfer from wheelchair to lift, wheelchair users can simply position themselves on the platform, lift up or down a floor then go about their business.

Platform lifts are highly secure, safe and can enable individual independence in a very short space of time; they are now a legal requirement in many commercial environments, enabling all employees’ complete access to all of a building.

Platform Stairlifts

A battery-powered platform anchored to the side of a staircase just like a regular stairlift, this system is good for stairs up to 8 metres long and offers a simple and straightforward installation process. Including all safety systems required under current European directives it can even be adapted for outdoor use.

Every platform lift is designed for safe operation, whatever the experience of the operator and are installed to become a natural part of the domestic or commercial environment.

Vertical Wheelchair Platform

A hydraulically-operated platform lift for vertically rising wheelchair users, platforms can go through floor, beside stairs or in place of stairs; a longer installation process provides benefits such as much increased load weights and longevity, so they are ideal for properties with many wheelchair users.

We can help private individuals find the ideal lift for them through our assessments centre, or work in close consultation with commercial building managers to help them choose an ideal lifting solution for their property which properly addresses the needs of users and meets all health and safety and DDA requirements.

Based in Aberdeen, we provide commercial and domestic customers from across North East Scotland, Orkney and the Shetland Isles with the finest lift design, supply and installation services. Many of our clients are based in Stonehaven, Peterhead, Inverurie, Fraserburgh, Huntly, Orkney and the Shetland Islands.

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