Service & goods lifts

We work with industrial and commercial companies across North East Scotland and offshore supplying, installing and maintaining all kinds of service and goods lifts.

Our service and goods options are incredibly extensive, ranging from a simple dumb waiter through to 2000kg capacity goods lifting equipment. With full consultation and survey work from our experienced team we can help establish the ideal system for your working environment.

We can supply a versatile range of low-cost high quality electric service lifts with 50kg and 100kg capacities. Suitable for a range of lifting requirements such as food, laundry, documents, beer crates, small trolleys and industrial equipment.

Small Service Lifts

With low noise levels, these are ideal for restaurants and offices alike. A range of lift-cars with different openings and button panels and indicator lights make use very simple, safe and suited to your specific need.

Various Goods Lifts

Trolley lifts that give robust and dependable floor to floor movement of goods in the 250kg to 300kg range; they are quickly installed with no need for complex load bearing shafts or motor rooms.

Various goods lifts for loads between 500kg and 2000kg; whether pallets, warehouse stock, trolleys, heavy industrial equipment or white goods there are four different models available to suit any level of use and demand..

Hydraulic Elevators

Vertical transportation with pre-set stop levels, designed for applications in industry; say moving items along a product line that always go from point A to point B; the platform itself has no control components, and the loading surface is not limited by walls or protectors, there are a number of types to choose from;

  • Platform elevators prepared for loads from 100 to 2000Kg which can be raised up to 12m
  • Platform with two opposite columns that allows the possibility of loading at 180º and a wider surface on the platform
  • Elevator with 4 columns conceived to lift loads up to 20,000kg; easy access and loading on any side and has been particularly utilised in theatre and exhibition spaces

Scissor platforms are used in the elevation of goods to relatively low heights have a wide range of uses in industry or as stable-position elevator equipment.

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