About us

Based in Aberdeen we offer homeowners, businesses and local authorities across North East Scotland the very best in lift consultation, supply, installation and servicing.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the lift supply and installation industry, we offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions for lifting applications in private and industrial services. Atlas has enjoyed strong expansion and continual quality and today we offer one of Scotland’s most expert and comprehensive services, investing in levels of assessment, expertise and 24 hour service response far in advance of our competitors that has won us work as far afield as Russia, Nigeria and Gabon.

Our services encompass everything you would expect in supply, installation and servicing, but delivered at a level of detail and care you simply won’t find anywhere else.

When we supply and install we look to carry out a genuinely detailed consultation and survey. From detailed on site assessments considering everything down to floor levelling, product adaptability and including  DDA, H&S regulations we can also provide the disabled with free access to the best equipped lifting assessment centre in Scotland; our own!

With expert support and in complete privacy we can completely evaluate each individual requirement; we understand that one system doesn’t “fit-all” and apply a bespoke and adaptive approach. Our assessment engineers configure products to each unique requirement with added or reduced supports, stand and lean or sit down alternatives.

Commercial clients, local authorities and architects also gain the benefit of this level of expertise with detailed consultation and advice on making buildings not only accessible to all but also highly practical when it comes to lifting large groups of passengers or moving around goods whether you need industrial scissor lifts or a simple dumb waiter.

Importantly, we also provide lift maintenance and repair services as well, providing the only 24 hour service in the region our expert engineers get lifts of all kinds repaired fast, and we offer on-going commercial contracts to carry out periodic and preventative maintenance, ensuring the efficiency and safety of any lift installation.

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